Black Caviar Gift Box: Beluga Hybrid, Karat, Almas Gold

This delicious and luxurious gift box from Marky’s will meet every taste and allow you, your family, or friends to indulge in this luxury delicacy. It can be a birthday, a significant anniversary, a more large-scale event, or any spontaneous event. Eating caviar is a unique food experience that has a taste unlike any other. There is no doubt that you can’t go wrong with this luxury treat to add to someone's festive table. The gift set includes:

  • Black Gift Box
  • Mother of pearls spoon
  • Russian Blini - 36 pieces, 5.7 oz/160gr
  • Mother of pearls plate
  • Crème Fraîche, 1.25 oz.
  • A Jar of Beluga Hybrid Caviar.
  • A Jar of Almas Russian Osetra Caviar.
  • A Jar of Karat Caviar.

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