Candela C-8 is the latest version following C-7 model but designed to go way faster. It is bigger, with a sleeker design, silent, comfortable and easy to maintain. An innovative hydrofoil system can lift the vessel above the surface to let it glide while reducing drag and allowing for better speed. Powered by a 44-kWh battery, this high-performance electric boat can go up to 50 nautical miles which is three times further than any other electric boat. The spacious cockpit can accommodate 8 passengers, includes a sunbed, three seats, and a cooler. The luxury interior features a front cabin with sleeping for people and a bathroom. This boat is equipped with an autopilot system and can be easily controlled by the 15.4-inch touchscreen or on your phone through the Candela app. The C-8 is now taking reservations with production slated for 2022.

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