CRETE TABLE by Eduardo Locota

The eternal Greek story of sea and land braking into each other to the infinite, captured into one memorable piece – Crete Table. Created by Eduard Locota whose main inspiration in this project was the Mediterranean Sea: a slice of land and water brought together and encapsulated in one moment in time. Monolithic, sculptural and functional artwork that consists of over 60 layers of colored acrylic glass patiently poured on-top of a marble base sculpture. A geometry with contrasting straight and fluid lines, that is hiding a message expressed through materials and of the way they interact between each other. The protagonists of the Crete Table are the materials and their apparent opposed affair. Customers are given the unique freedom to choose what island or part of an island that they wish to be sculpted and incorporated virtuously into the top layer of Crete Table; or let Eduard's creative flow build a totally unique landscape – no two Crete Table will be the same. Because of it’s difficulty in making, for each size, there will be only 5 pieces ever made, not more.


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