Discover Capri Island Look - Effortless elegance, comfort and timeless style

Founded in 2000 by Antonino Aiello, 100%Capri offers luxury clothing and accessories inspired by Capri island lifestyle. It evokes the essence of “dolce vita” - relaxed coastal lifestyle, summer, endless breeze, and sunshine. The 100% Capri clothes are made of ultra-light custom-made linen predominantly in white, khaki, and cocoa colors.

About the Look

Tuta Roma from 100%Capri, made of herringbone gauze, has a high waist and falls straight over the entire length. The silhouette of a waistline highlighted by a V-shaped corset, and an elegant knot that drops a delicate tail.

A lightweight classic Panama Woman from 100%Capri is made from straw known for their flexible yet durable fibers. The panama is trimmed with a blue-white grosgrain band nicely matching the outfit.

A pair of iconic leather Miller Sandals and Straw Mini Bucket Bag from Tory Burch will compliment your summer look by adding comfort, elegance, and timeless style.

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