Fine Roman Stone Mosaic w/ Sea Creatures

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Roman, Imperial Period, ca. 2nd to 4th century CE. A gorgeous aquatic-themed mosaic made of thousands of square stone tesserae in hues of beige, sienna, teal, jet, fuchsia, marigold, crimson, smoky gray, lavender, and salmon.

A teardrop-shaped horseshoe crab is present along with a circular clam shell, and a large, manatee-like creature swims across the middle of the composition. Bi-chrome bands of colored tesserae show moving waves and seawater with even a black, gray, and red bunch of seaweed near the lower-left corner. Size (mosaic): 46" W x 34.25" H (116.8 cm x 87 cm); (frame): 47.3" W x 36.3" H (120.1 cm x 92.2 cm)

Mosaics are the most enduring images from the Roman world, representing aesthetic beauty and Romans decoration preferences in their private and public spaces. Mosaics depicting aquatic life maritime subjects were especially popular in Greco-Roman art.


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