Forbidden Coast Expedition by Greenland Tours

15-day sailboat expedition to and in East Greenland is a unique experience to a spectacular place where only a few courageous adventurers in the annals of Arctic exploration have ever dared to challenge. The stretch of coast between Angmagssalik and Scoresby Sound is considered one of the most difficult in Greenland. The mountains rise almost vertically from the sea forming a narrow bulwark with rifts through which active glaciers unload great quantities of ice. Expect to see the highest mountains in the Arctic, the longest and iced-filled fjords, polar bears, breathtaking landscapes, raw and untouched beauty of that area.

The place and surroundings have been explored for many years and this exclusive expedition will have only nine seats available. If you are looking for a truly wild and challenging adventure off the beaten path, then this tour is for you. Learn more about the tour scheduled for September 2021.


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