Fregate Island Private

Fregate Island Privat is a mini-Galapagos in the Seychelles and one of the most luxurious hotel resorts. The resort takes its stewardship of this wildlife-rich island seriously and is committed to sustainability and nature conservation. This precious island is your ultimate getaway to immerse body and mind in nature’s pristine beauty and experience the ecosystem of the island.

The resort has seven entirely private beaches around the island and 16 Villas along the coast that are placed to guarantee its guests absolute privacy. Each villa maintains a classical yet modern aesthetic and comes with its own dedicated butler and an infinity pool. The resort features an array of activities and facilities including a private inland harbour & Yacht Club with PADI Dive Centre, SPA, fine dining restaurants serving everything from classical French to Créole cuisines, exclusive whole island available for rent, a museum of Seychelle history as well as a wide variety of nature tours and helicopter trips.


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