Hi Sea Floating Hotel, China by Balance Design

Inspired by the floating rafts used by local fishermen to stay on the water for a long time, a Chinese entrepreneur came up with the idea to build a floating island with no borders with the land, and far away from the rest of the world. Located on the coast of Dongshan Island in Fujian Province, this private hotel creates a connection between architecture and nature the moment you step onto the deck. Its simple and concise design combines both attention to aesthetics and safety. Selected materials have gone through a rigorous process to ensure the construction is strong and weather resistant. Connecting cables from the seabed solve the problem of power supply. The 500 square meters space is equipped with a living room, 3 guest rooms, and a kitchen. It has an open-air massage pool, boats and kayaks docked next to the building. Hi Sea hotel is a perfect getaway for family and friend gatherings craving for connection with the nature and ocean. The only principle to consider is that this place can host only one group of guests at a time.

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