When you want world-class design in a superyacht, Mazu Yachts is a top contender. Their company is renowned for excellence in design, and they’ve mastered it again with the debut of the Mazu 82. It’s fast for its size yet conveniently easy to handle. It’s got a spectacular design with rich materials throughout. Mazu Yachts has also delivered a few interesting extras in the 82. For instance, the deckhouse is bulletproof. It’s spacious, airy, and full of character. Its top speed comes in at 40 knots, and the Mazu 82 cruises at 35 knots. If comfort, sleek and modern design, and sportiness are at the top of your “wants” in a superyacht, then the Mazu 82 will not disappoint. Originally built as a project for an unnamed buyer, you can now get your very own Mazu 82.

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