Ocean Photography Award 2020

The Oceanographic Magazine has recently announced the finalists of the Ocean Photography Awards and they all look powerful, striking, and fascinating. According to the magazine, “The Ocean Photography Awards are a celebration of our beautiful blue planet, as well as a platform to highlight the many plights it is facing”. Ocean photographers in multiple disciplines and with different experience levels submitted their images that have been evaluated by the judging panel. It included the world’s leading ocean photographers, expedition leaders, and award-winners who have played a significant role in the conservation of species and raising public awareness about the issues that affect oceans and their denizens.

The Ocean Photography Awards™ has just six categories and the overall winner, the Ocean Photographer of the Year™. These categories include:

  • Ocean Conservation Photographer of the Year
  • Ocean Exploration Photographer of the Year
  • Ocean Adventure Photographer of the Year
  • Young Ocean Photographer of the Year
  • The Community Choice Award
  • The Collective Portfolio Award

The competition's intent was to make the categories as broad and as inclusive as possible to allow the “bravest and boldest photographers” to share their breathtaking images. Photographers were given a lot of flexibility to pick and choose how and where to take shots. Underwater, topside, on the coast, or out to sea – the main criteria was to make them communicate the message and connect emotionally with judges.

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