Photography by Rick Miskiv

Rick Miskiv is a photographer, designer, and VR filmmaker with a background in fine arts and the tech who works with various organizations to help them communicate their work to a broader audience. He has collaborated with Oceans 360, The Hydrous, Asner Lab, Parley for the Oceans, The Ocean Agency, Friends of Ocean Action, and MarAlliance on projects related to ocean education, conservation, and research. He has also has lived overseas in Japan and Malaysia where he taught design while studying Aikido, Shodo, and Japanese, then later moved to Thailand and Palau to work in the dive industry as a divemaster and instructor. In addition to photography and filmmaking, Rick founded his own ocean gear brand, 22 Degrees while living and working in Palau.

Recently, he joined with Asner Labs / Carnegie Institution for Science on an expedition to document a coral survey of the WW2 wrecks of Bikini Atoll in 3D 180VR in collaboration with Oceans 360. As one of the featured photographers of The Ocean Agency’s Coral Reef Image Bank, he has contributed photographs for use in ocean conservation efforts. His work from French Polynesia was featured in The Beam print magazine and


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