The Red Sea Project - Shurayrah Island

The Red Sea Project has been created as a unique, luxury tourism destination with the intent to embrace nature, adventure, and the fascinating culture of Saudi Arabia This project will be offering indulgent experiences, seamlessly customized to the unique needs of each visitor.

The first phase of the masterplan, which is currently under construction involves the development of five islands, two inland sites, and 16 hotels with 3,000 rooms.

The Project will also include a new airport, a yacht marina, leisure and lifestyle facilities, as well as supporting logistics and utility infrastructure, including 75km of new roads.

Shurayrah is the hub island of The Red Sea Project on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. Referred to as “Coral Blue” the island is one of 92 in the archipelago, which is home to the world's fourth-largest barrier reef system, untouched corals, and a significant number of endangered species. The Shurayrah resorts make up the majority of the 16 hotels in phase one of the project, due to open in 2023.

The Red Sea Project will also set new standards in sustainable development and exceed expectations to create a unique travel experience and unforgettable memories.

Specific initiatives are in place to protect and enhance the environment including a 100 percent reliance on renewable energy, a total ban on single-use plastics, zero-waste-to-landfill, and an aspiration to 100 percent carbon neutrality.


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