This Research Vessel was inspired by classic scientific documentaries and biographies of outstanding marine explorers. It embodies the might and beauty of large modern icebreakers and survey boats.

This deep-sea exploratory model has all you need to do your own research: a bathyscaphe for deep-sea exploration, a small motor-boat, and a lifeboat, a drop ramp, an opening hold hatch, and other fun and interesting elements you find in real-life vessels. In addition, it is equipped with a swing jib crane to manage cargo and hoist out the bathyscaphe.

All details of this nautical vessel are made of high-grade wood that needs no glue or additional instruments to assemble. The “skeleton” design of the Vessel’s body allows you to look into the hold and engine room and see what makes her move.

The energy driving the model is produced by a rubber-band motor and managed by a pendulum. A clever gear arrangement in this block imitates the sound of a diesel engine and provides a smooth and steady pace of the Vessel.

If you have just a little interest in deep-sea exploration, this vessel will satisfy your curiosity, offer a lot of marine discoveries and entertainment.


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