Ursula Andress signature 'Honey Ryder' bikini from Dr. No.

One of the most memorable scenes ever in the James Bond franchise and perhaps in the history of cinematic imagery, is Ursula Andress as "Honey Ryder" - the first Bond girl - emerging from the ocean in this bikini. Andress, herself, collaborated on the bikini design with director Terence Young and costume designer Tessa Prendergast to create something that properly fit her 5' 6", 36-24-36 frame. The costume was made, as a one-off, on location in Jamaica by a West-Indian dressmaker. The legendary bikini is accompanied by a replica wide white British Army web belt with brass buckles and fittings, and a US military scabbard on the left side holding an actual steel diving knife with leather-wrapped grip and brass pommel. This Dr. No bikini is instantly recognizable by multi-generations of Bond fans and is widely acknowledged as the most famous bikini of all time and a groundbreaking moment in cinematic and fashion history. Andress has been quoted as saying, "This bikini made me into a success."


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