Volna - Seafood Restaurant

Based in Moscow, restaurant Volna (Wave) greets you with a simple but eye-catching interior with plenty of waterworld allusions in a cozy atmosphere. The wall with carps splashing in the shimmering light will unmistakenly tune you into the expectation of ocean-inspired culinary adventure. The fish come to the restaurant’s kitchen from all parts of the Russian. Omul, taimen, wild Arctic sturgeon, nelma, sockeye, muksun, bulltrout, chinook come from the northern rivers. The Black Sea provides mullet, scad, mussels, anchovies, turbot, conch shells; the Russian North – wild Murmansk salmon and halibut and the Far East – shrimps and crabs. With the utmost attention to details coupled with the product quality and selection the restaurant's brand-chef will make this culinary experience truly unforgettable.


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