Atlantis, Wallpaper Collection Wanderlust

LondonArt, an Italian wallpaper design studio, is a unique blend of art, contemporaneity, and practicality. Their wallpaper unique trait is to be modern, custom-made, bring a signature style, and create a new perception of spaces. The texture of the finest materials, aesthetic, elegance, imagination, drama, or simplicity transform the space and bring life to your walls.

In partnership with Londonart, Marcel Wanders created a collection of wallpaper “Wanderlust” inspired by 13 international cities, along with an additional covering that conveys a collage of design heritage.

ATLANTIS is an outstanding artwork bringing fascination and mystery of the ocean and underwater life, drama, and captivating story. This piece of art will add a distinct nautical motif to your wall and liven up your room.


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